Courses for Graduate Students

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For Graduate Students Only

5195 Graduate Seminar (1-0) May be repeated three times for credit.

5196 Graduate Research in Physics (0-0-1)

5396 Graduate Research in Physics (0-0-3)

5696 Graduate Research in Physics (0-0-6)

This course may be taken as often as needed, but no more than 3 semester credit hours may e applied to satisfy the requirements for the master's degree. A student will receive only an S or U grade except when the student has filed a preliminary degree plan in which this course appears. Prerequisite: Graduate Advisor approval.

5321 Mechanics (3-0)

Lagrange's equations, nonholonomic constraints, Hamilton's principle, two-body central force, rigid body dynamics, Lagrangian relativistic mechanics, Hamilton and Hamilton-Jacobi equations, and canonical transformations. Prerequisite: PHYS 3352. Offered during fall semester.

5325 Mathematical Physics (3-0)

Linear systems, special functions, complex variables, and tensor problems in Physics. Offered fall semester.

5341 Electrodynamics (3-0)

Boundary value problems, polarization and stress tensor. Conservation laws and energy-momentum tensor. Relativistic electrodynamics. Covariant form of field equations. Potentials and guage invariance. Prerequisite: PHYS 4342. Offered during spring semester.

5361 Quantum Mechanics (3-0)

Solution of the Schroedinger wave equation for discrete and continumous energy eigenvalues; representation of physical variables as operators and the matrix formulation of quantum mechanics; approximation methods. Prerequisite: PHYS 4356. Offered during spring semester.

5365 Advanced Statistical Mechanics (3-0)

Classical and quantum statistics of systems in equilibrium. Treatment of fluctuations and transport phenomena. Introduction to man-body problems. Prerequisite: PHYS 3331 or equivalent as determined by the instructor.

5371 Solid State Physics (3-0)

Electromagnetic, elastic, and particle waves in periodic lattices as applied to the electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties of solids. Prerequisite: PHYS 4356 or instructor approval.

5375 Topics in Ultra-High Vacuum Technology and Surface Science (3-0)

This course consists of two parts. The first part will discuss the issues involved in production and measurement of ultra-high vacuum including pumps, guages, and appropriate UHV materials. The second part of the course will discuss the physical principles underlying several surface spectroscopies, including AES, XPS, ESD, LEED, and EELS.

5391 Research Problems in Physics (0-0-3)

Required course for the 36-hour non-thesis option. Requires two copies of a typewritten report. may be repeated for credit; maximum credit allowed six hours. May not be counted as thesis research but may be taken one time as a prepatory investigation course prior to the beginning of thesis research. Prerequisites: Submission of the Petition of Candidacy and department approval.

5393 Special Topics in Physics (3-0)

Topics to be announced. May be repeated for credit.

5398 Thesis (0-0-3)

Initial work on the thesis.

5399 Thesis (0-0-3)

Continuous enrollment required while work on thesis continues. Prerequisite: PHYS 5398.