Structure/Physical Properties

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Cristian Botez (Associate Professor)


Massoud Mollaee (Masters Program in Physics)
Josh Morris (UG) & Adan Anchondo(UG).

Research Description   botezspectrum 

X-ray and neutron scattering applied to:
studies of temperature-activated proton conduction mechanisms in phosphate based solid acids the relationship between the crystal structure and the physical properties of colossal-magneto-resistance (CMR) metal oxides
structure determination of new materials studies of polymorphism in organic/pharmaceutical compounds kinetic roughening during the growth of thin metal films on single-crystal surfaces.
Temperature-resolved dc-magnetization and ac-susceptibility applied to:
studies of magnetic relaxation of ensembles of magnetic nanoparticles studies of nanocomposite magnets.
American Chemical Society – Petroleum Research Fund
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board -- Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program Award
Research Corporation
National Science Foundation
Department of Energy