Physics Education

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 August 2011 14:49

Faculty Members    

Eric Hagedorn (Associate Professor)
Sergio Flores (Lecturer)


Karla Carmona (G) - working with Dr. Hagedorn
Alex Price (UG) - working with Dr. Hagedorn

Research Description    

Eric Hagedorn is interested in analyzing physics test data, particularly from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (TAKS) and the Force Concept Inventory, using both classical test theory and item response theory (IRT).  His graduate student, Karla Carmona, is continuing research suggesting that middle school students in Ciudad Juarez are more curious about science than their classmates in El Paso, Texas.  He is working with Alex Price on the physics underlying a new "Physics Circus" demonstration.
Sergio Flores is interested in the following:
1) Understanding difficulties related to vectors in context.
2) Design and implementation of in-lab instruction based on videos available online .
3) Students laboratory difficulties with vectors and tension.
4) Industry Challenge-based Learning to Build STEM Pathways
5) Exploration and measurement of science, mathematics and technology students' and teachers' literacy in elementary schools.