Medical Physics

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Marian "Mickey" Manciu


Erik R. Valdes Estrada (G); John Briceno Marmanillo (G); Alfonso Rodrigues (G)

Research Description    

Development of algorithms for Computed Tomography:
Hybrid Radon/Algebraic reconstruction for Region of Interest ImagingBackscattering corrections for Region of Interest ImagingApplication of Compressive Sensing to Real-time medical imaging
Computed Tomography dose evaluation via classical and Monte Carlo calculationsDevelopment of energy-sensitive isotropic microdosimeters for ionizing radiation Spectral analysis of X-ray sources


GPU Tesla Supercomputer (2 Teraflops) and software for CT imaging (MATLAB x64 with Accelereyes Jacket) and Monte - Carlo path calculations (GAMOS, EGSnrc, MCNP)Ocean Optics spectrometer and scintillation crystal for fiber-optics based isotropic microdosimetryTypical instrumentation employed by medical physicists: X-ray non-invasive test device Victoreen 4000 M+ with additional mammographic and CT ion chambers; PTW Advanced Markus™, 0.02cc chamber; PTW 0.6cc Farmer-type chamber acrylic/graphite thimble; Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer; High-Precision X-Ray Test Patterns; Pressurized ion chamber survey meter