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Secondary Education Scholarship Application

Spring Noyce Workshop:  Saturday, March 29th at 8 am.

The first Noyce Workshop of 2014 will be held in the morning of March 29th.  We will meet at UTEP (between the Centennial Museum and Geosci) to car pool to Mt. Cristo Rey.  We'll return to UTEP for follow up and lunch.

More Noyce Graduates Hired to Teach!

Maria del Carmen Luevano was hired this January to teach Algebra II and AQR at Jefferson High School.  Congrats Maria!

Congratulations December 2013 Graduates!

This December we had 5 graduates:  Martha Delgado, Edward Hernandez, Maria del Carmen Luevano, Isla Porras, and Ignacio Sandoval.  Congrats!

Noyce Graduates Hired to Teach!

Frances Rios was hired at Franklin High School to teach mathematics.  Fernando Villa was hired at Austin High School to teach physics.  Steven Garmon has been hired by Faith Christian Academy to teach mathematics.  Congratulations folks!!!

Noyce News

Five Noyce Scholars (Miguel Flores, Jonathon Hernandez, Omar Medrano, Diana Valles, and Kristine Vandal) braved the heat and joined Dr. H and Mr. Ernesto Herrera (EPISD Physics Coach) at UTEP's Indio Mountain Desert Research Station.  While there they hiked, collected lizards, handled rattlesnakes (safely, of course!), and applied statistics to the SVL (snout vent lengths) of a bunch of lizards.  Pictures coming!

The Noyce Summer Internship Program was held the first two weeks in June.  This was the third and final year for the Noyce Summer Internship Program.  The remaining two years of the Noyce grant at UTEP will focus on producing more high quality mathematics and science teachers for local schools.

We have five graduates this Spring!  Miguel Flores, Steve Garmon, Maria del Carmen Luevano, Francis Rios, and Yadira Valdez.  Hearty congratulations!!

To this good news we add:  fifteen applicants for next year's Noyce cohort.  This is the most ever.

And finally, even more good news:  fifteen applicants for the Noyce Interships.  This is also the most ever!!

Dr. H and Isla Porras attended the national Noyce meeting in Washington DC at the end of May, where they spent some time with Alexander Hagedorn, Dr. H's son, and Noyce Scholar at Texas Tech.


Three of our Spring 2013 graduates. From left to right, Yadira Valdez, Dr. H, Miguel Flores, and Francis Rios.  Not shown:  Maria del Carmen Luevano and Steven Garmon.

Why is Noyce needed?

Nationwide there are more than 20,000 physics teachers, but only a third have a degree in either physics or physics education, and the rest have at most a set of introductory courses, according to the American Physical Society. While the statistics are not as dire for the other sciences and mathematics, nationally and regionally there is still great need for more high school chemistry, biology and mathematics teachers.

The University of Texas at El Paso is on its way to changing those statistics and meeting local needs thanks to a five-year, $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The funds establish the Robert Noyce Scholarships for Teaching Miners. This project provides $10,000 per year scholarships for selected juniors and seniors majoring in science and mathematics who choose to pursue a minor in secondary education and seek a high school teacher certification. Our local school district partners, EPISD and YISD, are committed to partnering with UTEP in not only preparing strong science & mathematics teachers but providing special mentoring and support when they are hired by either of these districts. See also: UTEP works to close science teacher shortage.

Congratulations to Four New Graduates!


From left to right:  Fernando Villa, Miguel Valles, Miriam Esparza, and Nancy Aguirre. 

Congratulations To Our First Graduate!

Wendy Chavez Aragones received her B.S. in Mathematics with a Minor in Secondary Education in May, 2012.  She received her teacher certification in August and is currently teaching mathematics at Hanks High School!! 

2012-2013 Noyce Scholars Have Been Selected!

Congratulations to: Christina Garcia, Jonathon Hernandez, Omar Medrano, Angel Yglecias, Ignacio Sandoval, Armando Marmolejo, Adrian Perez, Jessica Adauto, Diana Valles.

Noyce Events 2012

Second Noyce Fall Workshop.  Saturday, November 3rd at YISD Central Office.  Began at 8:30 am and ended with lunch at 12:30 pm.
First Noyce Fall Workshop.  Friday, September 14th in GEOSCI 201.  Started at 12;30 with lunch and ended at 4:30.
2012 Noyce Internship Program.  From June 11 through 22nd, fifteen high school and undergraduate students interested in science/math and the possibility of teaching high school, participated in our two week workshop.
2012 Noyce Program Conference.  May 23-25, 2012, Washington D.C.  Wendy Chavez-Aragones, Nancy Aguirre, and Dr. Hagedorn attended this national meeting and presented a poster.
Noyce Scholar Workshop.  Friday, April 20, 2012, UTEP Geosciences Building Room 302.  Started at 1:00 pm with lunch and ended at 4:30 pm.
Kaleidoscope of Teaching Mathematics and Science Conference, Saturday, February 25, 2012.
Noyce Scholar Workshop.  Saturday, February 18, 2012, YISD Central Office.  Started at 8:30 am, ended with lunch at 12:00 pm

Previous Events

Noyce Scholars Meetings During Fall 2011

The second Noyce workshop for 2011 was held on Friday, November 18th, in Geosciences 302.
The first Noyce UTEP Tailgate was held on Saturday, November 12th.  Participants ate discada before cheering the MINERS onto a victory over East Carolina.
The first Noyce Workshop for 2011 was held on Friday, September 30th.  Dr. H introduced the new Scholars to inquiry science while Dr. Ron Wagler worked with the first cohort on beginning to think about their inquiry projects.

Noyce Scholars for 2011-2012 Selected

Nine new Scholars were selected on the basis of their applications, grades, and successful interviews.  The 2011-2012 Noyce Teaching Miners are:  Nancy Aguirre, Miriam Esparza, Miguel Flores, Edward Hernandez, Maria del Carmen Luevano, Isla Porras, Frances Rios, Yadira Valdez, and Kristine Vandal.  Welcome to the team!

2011 Noyce Summer Interns

2010-2011 Noyce Scholars Experience Inquiry Science