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Last update:  April 21, 2014

Special lecture by a special alumnus:  Dr. Alfredo Aranda Fernández

On Monday, April 21st at 3:00 PM in UGLC 128, UTEP alumnus, Dr. Aranda will present:  "The Unbearable lightness of Neutrinos."  This talk is geared towards a general audience.  Dr. Aranda is currently Dean of the Faculty of Science at the Universidad de Colima.  Welcome back Dr. Aranda!  For more information, click here.  Physics majors and grad students are invited to a pizza lunch at noon in PSCI 213 with Dr. Aranda.

Join us on Saturday, April 12th for: Real Physics Up Close!

We are proud to be a part of the Centennial Open House.  "Real Physics Up Close!" is an opportunity to talk to real live physics students (and faculty) who enjoy doing research in physics, astronomy, and materials science.  You can tour our labs, play with fun demonstrations (rotating platform with weights, small tesla coil, van de Graff generator, etc.) or watch dangerous and exciting demonstrations such as "pound in a nail with a liquid nitrogen frozen banana" "or have a concrete block broken on your chest with a sledgehammer while lying on a bed of nails"?  From 9 am to 12:00 noon, we'll be ready for you!

UTEP Physics well represented at Spring Joint Texas Section APS/AAPT/SPS Meeting

Master's student Punam Ghimire (who works with Dr. Ravelo) presented a talk on the "Role of plastic deformation in shock-induced phase transitions."  Fatemeh Amerikheirabadi (who works with Drs. Zope and Baruah) presented a poster:  "Electronic structure and charge transfer excitation energies of a Sc3NC80 -Zinc phthalocyanine (Znpc) complex."  Master's student Shusil Bhusal (who also works with Drs. Zope and Baruah) presented a poster: "Dielectric properties of endohedral fullerenes."  Undergraduate, Marina Paggen (who also works with Drs. Zope and Baruah through the PREM program) presented a poster:  "Charge transfer excited states of complexes of ZnTPP with dye-attached fullerenes."  Undergraduate Carlos Diaz (who also works with Drs. Zope and Baruah) presented:  "Molecular dynamics study of phthalocyanine and sulfonated-phthalocyanine and C60 interface."  Mr. Hector Navarro, local astronomy teacher at Del Valle High School also attended along with Dr. Eric Hagedorn.

Sad update

One other former professor from the department passed away last fall (October 5, 2013):  Dr. Max Carlton Bolen.  This long-time member of the department was well known for his excellent teaching.  Despite retiring in 1986, Dr. Bolen was awarded a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching in 1992.  Our belated condolences to his family.

Students prepare to attend Joint Texas Section APS/AAPT/SPS meeting

This Thursday, March 20th, a van with 6 of our students and a local high school physics teacher are heading to Abilene Christian University for the spring 2014 Texas meeting.  Safe travels!

Congratulations Dr. Li!

Our Dr. Chunqiang Li was recently awarded $20k through the College of Science’s Multidisciplinary Research Pilot Program to work on "Super Resolution Two-Photon Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Microscopy for Imaging Molecular Interactions in Bacterial and Viral Infections" with Drs. Hugues Ouellet (Bio. Sci), Rosas-Acosta (Bio. Sci), Jianjun Sun (Bio. Sci.) and Chuan Xiao (Chem).

Congratulations Dr. Zope!

Our Dr. Rajendra Zope was recently awarded $20k through the College of Science’s Multidisciplinary Research Pilot Program to work on the "Adaptation of Quantum Chemical Software for Large Scale Genomic Material Data Generation."  His co-PI's are Drs. Tunna Baruah (Physics) and Shirley Moore (Computational Science).

Department Seminar:  Friday, February 21, 2014

Dr. Mani Tripathi, of UC Davis, will present:  Search for dark matter in the laboratory with the LUX/LZ detectors, at 3:00 pm in PSCI 208.  Snacks will be served at 2:45.  For more information, click here.

Our Undergrads Present at 223rd American Astronomical Society Meeting in D.C.!

Sebastian Gomez, Omar Medrano, John Morales, Jacob Segura, and Emma Sundin all presented research at the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington, D.C. from January 5-9.  They were accompanied by their mentor Dr. Paul Mason, whose NSF Partnerships for Astronomy and Astrophysics Research and Education Grant supports these wonderful efforts.

Exciting New Year for Physics at UTEP

2014 is going to be an exciting year for the physics department.  Dr. Vivian Incera has stepped down as Chair, after 5 years and wonderful accomplishments.  She is delighted to now be able to do more research and teaching.  Dr. Eric Hagedorn accepted the Dean's invitation to be Interim Chair while the national search for a permanent chair progresses.  The search for an assistant professor in experimental condensed matter physics has progressed to the interview stage.  The first interview will be on the 23rd (more details coming).  In very exciting news about our students:  24 physics majors made the Dean's List for Fall 2013 (see below)!  This final piece of good news reminds us who the department is really here for in 2014.

Physics Majors who made Dean's List for Fall 2013

Hermann Armenta
Andrea Baltazar
Israel Chavarria
Adrian Cosio
Rafael De Almeida
Benjamin Deutsch
Brian Frescas
Victor Garcia
Sebastian Gomez
Joscelyne Guzman
Kevin Hatch
Matthew Hilding
Erin Hodson
Habiba Khan
Gregory Martinez
Omar Medrano
David Morris
Marina Paggen
Ruben Ramos
Ryan Saenz
Jeremiah Steed
Luis Suarez
Eduardo Urias
Brian Zamarripa Roman
Congratulations to you all!

2013 Good Byes

While 2013 included wonderful accomplishments by our students, faculty, and staff, there were four significant good byes.  Dr. Clarence "Kiki" Cooper retired (supposedly for the last time).  Terry Weber, our incredible office manager, took another position in the College of Health Sciences.  We wish them both the very best.  Finally, with sadness we remember two professors emeritus who passed away in 2013:   Dr. Rufus Bruce, Jr. and Dr. John Brient.

Special REU Seminar:  Thursday December 5th

Dr. Cagliyan Kurdak of the University of Michigan will hold a 4:00 pm meeting in PSCI 115 with students interested in pursuing a research experience this coming summer at the University of Michigan.   For more information:  http://www-applied.physics.lsa.umich.edu/ourprogram.html

Congratulations to Ali Aghvami!

This semester, Ali received a prestigious  Dodson Research Grant from UTEP's Graduate School.  Ali is working with Dr. Chunqiang Li on a project entitled:  Super-Resolution Pump-Probe Microscope.  Their goal is to develop a pump-probe modulation (PPM) microscope that can inmage non-fluorecent molecules with super resolution.

Congratulations Banner Bearer Brandan Garcia!

Brandan Garcia, a physics major in the Medical Physics Concentration, has been selected to be the December Graduation Banner Bearer for the College of Science.  Again, congratulations.

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