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          Welcome to the Center for Arts and Science Education! We are here to guide you through the process of becoming a high school or all-levels teacher. CASE can help you with advising, student teaching placement, and state testing. To teach at the high school level or to become an all-levels teacher, you major in the discipline you would like to teach and minor in secondary or all-levels education. For example, if you want to teach high school math, you choose math as your major and declare a minor in secondary education. Students desiring all-levels music certification MUST take the Bachelor of Music in General Music rather than a separate minor.

          Throughout your first three and a half years at UTEP, you will take core curriculum classes, courses required for your major, and most of the courses for your minor in secondary education. During your last semester, you will be placed in a local high school (or a range of levels if you intend to become an all-levels teacher) to complete the student teaching portion of the education minor. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in your major and will then receive a secondary or all level certification in your chosen area once you have completed all of the certification requirements.

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